Really!  You CAN do this. 

And I can show you how.

I offer a 1 day, 6 hour lesson for up to 6 people on the basics of water bath canning using tomatoes.  No jams, no pickles, no fiddly recipes, no freezers full of plates and spoons waiting to test "the set."  Just plain, ol' diced tomatoes.  Once you and your friends have mastered peeling, dicing, packing and processing (and you will!) you'll be ready for anything.

I bring the equipment, jars and 25lbs of tomatoes to YOUR house. Since the likelihood of you ever canning in my kitchen is slim to none, it's best you learn in your own kitchen.  You bring your 5 best friends, wear your grubbiest clothes, and you keep what you can.

The Cost is $300