About Me

It all started with tomato jam.


My grandmother made it when I was young and it was my FAVORITE.  I helped make it, which was fair considering I was inhaling it by the pint.

But when she died, so did my tomato jam.  I checked every shelf of every store, but there was no tomato jam.  So for years I did without, but I never forgot the taste of  her tomato jam on hot buttered sourdough toast.

I grew up, got a degree (International Relations) and had a great career traveling the world with some big names like Hitachi, Cisco Systems and Clorox.  Then one day I got grandma's recipe for tomato jam.  But I had no time.  So I still had no tomato jam.

Then I had a baby.  And, darn it, he was going to know the joys of hot buttered sourdough toast with tomato jam.

And here we are.

Tomato jam...and more.